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Airline relies on Cheng of change trains couplet to save city Guiyang flying Dal
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“ is to choose to arrived that day after all, be still in Shanghai to live more to save bit of money one in the evening? ” is about to use holiday to go to what Dalian travels next week Miss Dong, considering this issue all the time yesterday.

Be in yesterday, she is informed from office of representative of an airline ticket, some airline is doing special offer activity at present, among them Guiyang - Beijing - the course of Cheng of change trains couplet of Dalian, do not contain the airport to build cost and fuel to add, minimum price airline ticket is 900 yuan. “ of this and Beijing of Guiyang non-stop flight to 5 lose airline ticket value about the same. And if choose the Guiyang of another airline - Shanghai - the airline ticket of Dalian, just 650 yuan of money, but 100 yuan of beautiful cash stay in Shanghai one in the evening, just can arrive the following day Dalian. ”

“ this should have been to protect this the price, we are to attract passenger source purely. ” yesterday, chief expresses Guiyang related one airline, actually non-stop flight to of these a few course is the company's newest plane. We are in “ Guiyang - Guangzhou - Lian Yun harbor paragraph the special offer airline ticket that go up just 700 yuan, ability going there and back 1300 yuan. ”

To this, the relevant personage of civil aviaton branch says, this is airline is in next aviation is off-season saving the “ of city lifts ” helplessly. Whenever aviation is off-season, airline is on the competition of domestic line, no more than is a few popular line, an a few cities that do not have airliner of non-stop flight to, undertake change trains through a few hot lines, also be method of a kind of sales promotion.

The reporter still understands yesterday, each company such as boat of boat, Na Hang, sea, deep boat, Xiamen Airline has been in the country the city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu rolls out airline ticket of special offer of Cheng of change trains couplet.