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U.N. World Tourism Organization: Former zoology is Guizhou advantage
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Guizhou daily dispatch (Ouyang Changpei) " the travel resource that the advantage of Guizhou depends on former zoology, once lose former zoology, the spring of tourism also will subsequently and disappear, guizhou hour should notice and take the protection of pair of travel resource seriously. Tell from this meaning, I special hold with Guizhou to put forward ' with special get victory, with qualitative get victory ' the strategy. " Xu Jing of chief of department of Asia-Pacific of World Tourism Organization is inspecting area of Guizhou part scene (dot) hind say.

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Xu Jing says, guizhou tourism is passed in last few years high speed develops, found a tourism that accords with Guizhou characteristic to develop way. He thinks, the tourism development way that takes to be core with rustic travel is very correct. Guizhou is told now without giving thought to from governmental level, the focal point that still builds from development will tell, the concept that develops rustic tourism is more and more thorough already popular feeling. The key that Guizhou development countryside travels is the road that whether can walk out of to be able to develop continuously, whether solve very natural heritage and culture bequest protection, solving this one problem is the issue with successful Guizhou not only, also be China's successful issue, the in a sense says was to solve a cosmopolitan difficult problem. Accordingly, the development that should travel Guizhou countryside is put to a higher level to look.

U.N. puts forward " new chiliad develops a target " core is: The project that can use a few economy to develop before 2015 will undertake deficient, xujing hopes, of Guizhou fumble can give the world, finishing especially " new chiliad develops a target " the experience that respect exploration gives a success, push to the world, directive world. Li wave just is become by approval recently " ground of world natural heritage " , make Guizhou had natural heritage of the first world, as the occurrence of a such window, should the development that can drive area of travel of the key austral whole Guizhou, but this also is a challenge to Guizhou. Recently, chinese few points " world bequest ground " was hanged by U.N. Educational yellow shop sign, because,be excessive development, excessive commercialize.

Xu Jing thinks, guizhou travel development is very rapid in last few years, but ability suits in what local community dweller must notice in development, want to consider high speed to develop the element of brings each side, include social element, economy element, environment element and the element from personnel of course of study to whether can follow to go up.

Xu Jing still says, guizhou is the rustic travel point of observation with affirmatory World Tourism Organization, world Tourism Organization will continue more to the development accord of Guizhou tourism attention and support, also hope Guizhou Province can continue to maintain regular connection in high-level face and World Tourism Organization.
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