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Taobao dispute started selling the highest international flights were three t
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Relative to the domestic air tickets, international air fares are still opaque state, every year, consumers bought fake tickets and other information appear. August 25, Taobao announced that its international ticket travel platform formally launched the business, consumer concerns, Taobao side said that consumers buy on the international platform for international air travel tickets, if you encounter less than the seller service pledge or any consumer disputes , may be the first complaint, the international air tickets will be given the highest platform three times to verify Xianhangpeifu, followed by a Taobao seller assumes the responsibility of communication rights. Taobao recently increased its efforts to expand online travel market, international air tickets Taobao improve the tourism product is the latest line of work. It is reported that the platform has a collection of dozens of high-quality international ticket sellers, has been available from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities to Hong Kong, Tokyo and other cities in the world hot air. Taobao travel platform, and from Shanghai to Seoul trip international air tickets for as little as 990 yuan, the lowest one-way from Beijing to Tokyo 1610 yuan, the Shenzhen to Singapore also as long as 1,050 yuan a minimum. Although the prices are low, but also no need to worry about security. According to reports, the international platform for joining the platform ticket sellers a comprehensive qualification examination, all sellers have settled in the platform of China Air Transport Association issued the ticket agent qualifications, and all joined the Taobao consumer protection plan. The industry believes that international air travel Taobao play the biggest advantages of its platform, both to avoid the consumer in the general ticket seller at the event of a dispute after the channel of complaint cases, better protect the interests of consumers in the time of the injury should be immediately some compensation.