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Austrian travel notice
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  1. Enter a country reach visa
    Deal with visa of Home Shen Genguo in the following address please: Austria is stationed in China embassy: The street austral beautiful water of area of Beijing rising sun 5, phone: 010-6532 2061, fax: 010-65321505
    Austria is stationed in Shanghai consulate: Sea route of Shanghai the Huaihe River 1375, open China edifice 3 3A room, phone: 021-6474 0268, fax: 021-6471554.
    Austria is stationed in Hong Kong consulate:
    Hong Kong: 13/F, diamond Exchange Building, 8-10 Duddell Street, phone: 008522522 2388, fax: 00852 2810 6493
    Bureau of Austrian country sightseeing is stationed in Taiwan delegate place: Taipei city honest changes boreal way 205 banks large building 608 rooms phone: 27155220, fax: 27173242
    Travel information
    In bureau of Austrian country sightseeing the agency outside be stationed in and airline can demand concerned data. Address of headquarters of bureau of Austrian country sightseeing: Margaretenstrasse 1, a-1040 Wien, phone: 588 66 -0
    9 cities of Austria have his sightseeing department, be in the center of every city, be in each important crossing of big city and railway station, the airport sets an information desk. I flags for the mark of the information desk.

  2. Money and exchange rate
    Austrian money is Austrian shilling. 1 dollar is made an appointment with etc at 13.5 Austria shilling. 1 yuan of RMBs are made an appointment with etc at 1.6 Austria shilling. Money of 1 yuan of new stations is made an appointment with etc at 0.35 Austria shilling. 1 yuan of Hongkong dollar are made an appointment with etc at 1.7 Austria shilling. 1 euro at 13.7603 Austria shilling.

  3. Custom regulation
    The citizen that is not European Union country is duty-free carry oneself to use, sports utility or enter a country with the article at him post. Among them following article is restricted somewhat, each (seventeen years old of above) only accurate duty-free carry 50 200 cigarette, cigar, or eggplant of 100 light snow, or 250 grams cut tobacco, and 1 litre of firewater and 2 litres of bishop enter a country. Divide the other article besides afore-mentioned article, but duty-free the article that carries total amount not to exceed 2400 Austria shilling enters a country.

  4. Bank
    On Monday, 2, 3, 5: 08:00-12:30, 13:30-15:00,
    On Thursday: 08:00-12:30, 13:30-17:30.
    On Saturday, day rests. In the airport, railway station and mart, set every week 7 days of business foreign currency are changed place. Still have inside big city change automatically machine.

  5. Post-office
    Come on Monday on Friday: 08:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00
    The quick postal delivery of correspondence and postcard (contain post office to issue " preferential Priority " mark) , in the postage inside Europe 7 shillings, in the 13 shillings outside Europe. Do not contain post office to issue " preferential Priority " the general accessible by postal communication of mark sends letter, in the postage inside Europe 6.5 shillings, in the 7.5 shillings outside Europe.
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