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How to avoid visa to enter a country Europe
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Ou Luoba mainland is the travel resort of our place be charmed, no matter Europe is humanitarian landscape and natural scene it is fascinating. But European each country stems from certain reason, to Chinese passport hold person visa application is held all the time from tight policy, very tall to conditional requirement of the applicant, make one paper requests European country visa hard. My reason because of the job, often come and go at afro-asian mainland, because airliner cause must be in Europe,have accession urban a favourable turn; If you also need because of all sorts of reasons from European a favourable turn, the personal experience that I work in the same place with I and me here, tell you how to use time of a favourable turn to make the trip that avoids visa, peep the elegant demeanour of European mainland.
From China a favourable turn of Europe of classics setting out goes Africa or America, the flight number is more concentrated, enclothe the airline with wide city to basically have England, France, Germany Han Sha, Switzerland, Turkey and Holand are royal wait for airline. If you select British airline, you can feel British empire is right apparently the discrimination that opposes Chinese passport passenger, if you from London a favourable turn, although you do not give the airport, board the plane from buccal change boards the plane another times mouth, you also must apply for visa of pass through the territory of a country beforehand, and with us " enjoy " of same treatment is a few worlds only least of all developed country. So, if you select British airline, avoid visa a favourable turn impossible, prep let alone avoided visa to go sightseeing.

French airline covers a range wide, especially African destination, but France appears to stretch tight too closely to the nerve of illegal emigrant fear, two this years passenger of a favourable turn of pass through the territory of a country of happening of in quick succession is considered as a stowaway by accident and be sufferred by coop black house the example of humiliate, I also am early to French a favourable turn had lost interest. Why can my estimation produce afore-mentioned event? I reckon the likelihood is Daigaole the airport is too big, board the plane from the mouth boards the plane to another possible compatriots is entered by accident when buccal a favourable turn close condition, and the happening that compatriots the gift of tongues owes beautiful to cause situation. Of course this is me only guess, without personal experience, also do not want to experience somewhat.

If you take Holand,the plane of royal airline is in Amsterdam a favourable turn, holand government regulation can stay 72 hours to avoid visa in the airport, schipol airport makes careful kimono Wu with its design cordial and famed at the world, the airport still sets guesthouse for passenger of a favourable turn, you can enjoy the guesthouse of the airport, duty-free inn to the top of one's bent, "See, fly, buy " , even allegedly Dutch already ' CASINO " gambling house moved the airport, let you be in dull in fritter away days. But the water ghost that your absolutely goes out impossibly to have a look at an Amsterdam and tulip, can have a look at Dutch flat through the glazing of the airport only.
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