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European self-help swims the visa of the strategy piece
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If you have a dream: Visit beautiful Ouluoba footloosely, read this article please, every look, can leave this dream closer one pace.

Europe is the travel destination of optimum self-help tourist on the world, among them Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Greek it is the nation with top aggregate index. Be opposite as Europe of China open, more and more China citizens can Europe of free pass in and out, how to step the first pace that moves toward Europe?

Conduction passport is handy easy travel not verbosity, the travel that an Europe of before travel 30 days of preparation is in at least later. The business that will do has: Design of visa application, circuitry, airline ticket is booked, the hotel is booked, European train ticket is bought, give a preparation to wait.

   The application of visa is phyletic

Current, a lot of countries of European accept the individual travel of Chinese citizen to apply for. For instance France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, namely the visa type that the individual is purpose, beardless invitation letter with travel, and the visa success rate of this kind of type is quite high. Have state of agreement of 15 Shen Gen the visa of one country, can be inside period of efficacy, inside effective limits, in 14 countries with the other infestation inside the range that your travelling expenses permits, stride ground amuse oneself. If you want to be not the country of Shen Gen agreement to travel, want those who be in place to make, visa of the application that get a house.

   Who can apply for individual travel visa

Each country diplomatic mission not belief of the sexual distinction of demarcate applicant, age, religion, nation, district, marital status, but if have the social background of estate of stable and good income, mainstream, conduce you get visa easily, additional of big city white-collar, from retiree, had had leave the country the applicant of the record will some easier. And the average worker, farmer, pedlar, individual operator, personnel that do not have course of study criterion reject a complaint.

   Master the 3 principles of visa

1. Have legitimate reason (going applying for travel will be the most appropriate occasion) .

2. Have the economic actual strength that undertakes travel (offer corresponding capital and belongings proof) .

3. Will go back to the motherland on time? ? Need to offer corresponding proof, furlough letter, job proves to wait) .

Conduction measure

1. Design line, the budget that considers oneself integratedly, give a day number, visit destination.

2. The country that should enter a country to place is stationed in China diplomatic mission receives travel application form.

3. According to the requirement that diplomatic mission place provides, prepare relevant data. General requirement produces airline ticket and accommodation proof.
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