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Process of application of the visa that go to the United States is newest announ
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The United States is stationed in China the newest announcement that diplomatic mission announced concerned visa to apply for a program to change on its government website today, full text is as follows:

Concern a branch to command according to China, american visa information / make an appointment word Wu center still is shut. American government hopes word Wu center can resume operation permissibly at an early date. The United States is stationed in China branch of diplomatic mission consul and each are stationed in China consulate general is being handled all the time, will continue to handle already agreed the visa of date applies for, process the visa application that involves medical treatment and humanitarian respect emergency.

In the visa that already agreed at present application is handled after ending, to serve the public as far as possible, american diplomatic and consular missions will begin to press day according to need not make an appointment, the principle visa application that will do now first, informing separately maintain this one practice before.

Because this paragraph of time in a year is right the demand of American visa is bigger, we cannot assure everyday all applicants get reception. Accordingly, we suggest to have urgent the applicant shift to an ealier time that gives a need comes round to apply. Each diplomatic and consular missions begin the spot to deal with the date of the program to be as follows:

Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu: On May 17

Beijing: On June 3

Shanghai: On June 23