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Leave the country swim shop consumption of 4 big weapons is adopted why to plant
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Leave the country travel, besides the famous places and historical sites that visits place, bring back the souvenir that has exotic distinguishing feature naturally for close friends even, in 4 kinds of kind that consume outside the condition, which kinds are more practical to you, which kinds are more convenient, before setting out, can want to plan carefully one time.

Show paper money

The sale on network of assets of pay a debt in kind or by labour goes in whole strategy of match of wonderful mobile phone
Athens is guessed guess 1000 yuan of offer a reward chariot of combustion of large and recreational game

★ suits a crowd: The journey outside short distance condition and contain the person with strong capability.

The tourist should understand the rate of exchange of travel destination money and RMB roughly before travel going abroad, should understand clear RMB at the same time whether foreign currency is converted in place.

Much belt should notice when leaving the country a few small par value place shows paper money. In a lot of destination, service industry comes from fee from the main income of personnel of course of study, to baggage member, it is necessary that guest room serves personnel to pay fee. If follow round travel, paying fee to tourist guide and driver also is a kind of convention almost. In addition, the bank outside the condition, airport, hotel, large store is set change a spot, and the price keeps balance basically with domestic bank or more favourable.

★ consumes clew: Chinese custom sets, the passenger carries condition of RMB pass in and out, each every time limitation is 6000 yuan.

According to the concerned regulation of total office of exchange control bureau and customs, churchyard dweller individual carries equivalence 5000 dollars are the following (contain 5000 dollars) foreign currency shows bank note to leave the country do not need to declare; Carry exceed equivalence the foreign currency of 5000 dollars shows bank note to must be declared according to the facts to custom. Must not carry commonly exceed equivalence foreign currency of 10000 dollars above shows bank note to leave the country.

International credit card

★ suits a crowd: Often go abroad, or travel for long in different country.

No matter be the credit card that which bank issues, want to have the sign that international credit card organizes only, for instance VISA gets stuck or MASTERCARD, business door consumes all engage by special arrangement that can be in different country and area.

You still can hold calorie of extraction that handles local money in member bank to show professional work, also can stick in the whole world have " PLUS " , " CIRRUS " cash of the extraction on the automatic ATM of the mark (the limitative) with carry cash specified amount to be able to have certain of course.

★ consumes clew: At present the international credit card of a few banks got stuck to had debutted like peony international " reimbursement of RMB of the consumption outside the condition " business. The foreign currency Zhang that outside the condition consumption or place of cash of extraction foreign currency produce is odd, outside trading except state law illicit, can use a RMB to buy foreign exchange repay.
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