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Sit step is fined - foreign travel abstains from much
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Go abroad to have business affairs activity or travel, the act that understands the custom habit of a few place to be able to be you is brought convenient. Here introduces the issue that a few abroad abstain from for you, can help you discharge a lot of troubles.

Iran: Mo Yi talks infantile eye

Chinese boast baby always loves to say: "See this sharp to fresh and juicy big eye. " to Iran you but must not comment infantile eye, iranian is the most sensitive to infantile eye, if guest gives speech inadvertent, parents can go money to let a person dig up a baby " eye of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease " .

Spain: The woman goes into the street to wear earring surely

The wife travels to Spain, female brethren goes into the street must wear earring, if do not have the annulus that wear ear, can resemble a normal person wearing the dress same by person jest.

Hungarian: Must not crumb glass service

Go Hungarian travel, it is to live no matter inn or have dinner, must not crumb glass service, if someone did not take care to break glass service into pieces, can be considered as to want to give in adversity, you became undesirable person.

India, Burmese: Must not touch ox

In India, Nepalese, Burmese wait for a country, ox is " divine ox " , right " divine ox " , forbid to flog, forbid to harm, cannot work, more cannot butcher eats the meat; "Divine ox " go to the side of person, people should serve best food; Encounter in highway busy streets " divine ox " , pedestrian, car wants evasive, circuitous. Nepalese government is ox surely " country animal " , if who is harmed, flog it, should be fined and sentence.

Japan: Avoid " 8 chopsticks "

Japanese has 8 fear with the chopstick: 1, lick chopsticks. 2, confuse chopsticks, the hand takes a chopstick, take adventitious what to eat, in the look about on table. 3, move chopsticks, another course is changed again after changing a course, do not have a meal to take course solely. 4, twist chopsticks, turn round a chopstick, lick with the tongue above meal bead. 5, insert chopsticks, insert the chopstick on the meal. 6, draw out chopsticks, dish from which draw out, gather up doing eat. 7, cross chopsticks, ride the chopstick in bowl, dish above. 8, chopsticks of get rid of, become the chopstick tooth of toothpick get rid of.

England: Be fed up with bother about private affairs

If you go to England travelling, ten million cannot resemble be like home, ask a someone " where do you go to, had a meal " this kind of problem, the Chinese thinks very enthusiastic, the Englishman can think you are very cloddish, they are fed up with others bother about their individual lives. Englishman more abstain from the age of the salary that others discusses a man and woman, the furniture that connects his home is worth how many money also ought not to ask, these are the secrets that his individual lives, do not allow others bother about absolutely.

India: Receive take a thing to cannot use left hand
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