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Custom of European each country sets
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Custom of European each country sets, inquire to each country diplomatic and consular missions please. The following information offers reference:
17 years old or of above enter a country personage but duty-free carry 50 200 cigarette, cigar or 250 grams cut tobacco, reach bishop of 1 liter firewater, 2.25 liter or 3 liter beer to enter a country.
The animal of a survivor of a murder attempt that enter a country, must obtain a Ministry of Agriculture first (TheMinistryofAgricultureandForestry) the vet below administer and food bureau (TheVeterinaryandFoodDepartment) written approval. Need to produce the document that with Finnish article, Sweden article, heart by joint-stock case vet Wen Huoying article signs and issue when application, prove this animal already at signing and issue before 30 days or before the precaution that inject obtains this bureau to approbate is vaccinal, and the period of efficacy of this proof is 12 months. This proof does not apply to the animal that comes from country of indulge in wilful persecution of epidemic disease disease, this person that wait for an area is not in pure approach this is restricted. Have dangerous sex use a plant (parrot of the Pi Cao that if wait by lyncean division animal, wolf, bear,makes, cetacean goods, beast of prey? , many lizard or lizard goods, coral, orchid, cacti) or its goods, the imports and exports that must pass an authority concerned first is approved.
Officinal or the sanction of imports and exports that takes the product of noxiousness, tranquillizer and radioactivity goods and materials to must obtain an authority concerned first. Obtain what prescription of joint-stock case doctor proves to take heft of medicines and chemical reagents to cannot exceed even more oneself 3 months. If medicines and chemical reagents can not need doctor prescription to prove to be able to be bought at Finland, its heft cannot exceed a month.
Before carrying ammunition of any weapon of for private use to enter a country, must obtain first enter a country the constabulary department of personage destination signs and issue licence; Forbidden carry sharp weapon to enter a country.
Enter a country if the plant that the personage carries or plant product are flowers, vegetable seed, beautiful goods (include sweet candy) , if be not,popularize breed, must obtain import license.
The flesh kind, dangerous drug, sharp, ammunition, explosive, bawdy reach indelicate article is uniform and forbidden carry enter a country.
Forbidden carry gold to leave the country.
The tranquillizer, weapon, explosive, beef that gets protection to move plant and its goods, England, Portuguese, Spain, Italy, Africa and Asian country to produce extremely goods, uniform and forbidden carry enter a country.
Enter a country can take duty-free gift not to exceed 100 dollars, every carries a dollar 10, 000 or the foreign currency of coequal value, beard at entering a country when declare.
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