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Swim European where goes " convenient "
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During brigade Europe, we pay close attention to a toilet to eat to return than attention very. Eat somebody to arrange, and with lavatory it is to provide for oneself completely, and it is a be ashamed lives at advisory illicit life, can have him service only. "Convenient " when where to go one day, filling in in Paris the go for a walk of driveway book market of accept riverside. Abrupt, excrete a system to report to brain center: Want urine. What go for a walk did not have when standing is carefree, have one's mind stuffed with is to use lavatory desire. It is to quicken pace then, pie-eyed search WC. But fully half hour went, walked along half street to also did not discover the label of a WC. Think of the subway has a public toilet certainly finally, the subway that runs near hurriedly again stands, search look for to had looked for to still do not have results. Give a station before long, issued heavy rain again. It is pee unfinished really, heavy rain comes again. When be in a dilemma, discover roadside a cafe, without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, got directly.
In the day of after this, I discovered the law that European toilet distributings stage by stage in observation: Streets and lanes does not set a public toilet commonly, station of station, subway is rare also " convenient " place. Go out " convenient " measure bigger travel tourist attraction to seek gift in stream of people only won't disappointed. If be besides these places,will go to the lavatory desire, you but nearby looks for a bazaar or hotel try one's luck. Go to cafeteria, bar, cafe can solving a problem 100 percent more, be unavoidable to want to consume namely so one bit. For not hold back be out of order, also do not consider on this plans the spend money besides.
What Europe uses for the tourist is medium cling to and there also is a public toilet inside the bus, but because the reason such as traffic accident just is offerred,mix in long-distance travel only commonly use. When multiplying a car to go on a long journey consequently, had better be in hotel or cafeteria " advance " hind get on a car again. In road of drive a vehicle another " convenient " the opportunity is when the car is cheered, the gas station of European along the road sets a public toilet, had better not let off this auspicious opportunity.

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