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Why cannot be the mobile phone used on the plane?
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Because aboard uses hand opportunity to violate the communication system of the plane badly, endanger flight security. The airlines flies in sky, system of main support communication and operating system have the job, two systems are mutual connection, of harmonious job, take off in the plane descend and even the air man in whole flight route and news report must carry between ground control tower on the way expedite, ability implements a directive correctly, each its, make the traffic in busy sky orderly from beginning to end, meantime if somebody uses a mobile phone on machine, the electromagnetic wave of the plane can be enclothed likely, cause communication to interrupt, the instruction is punch-drunk wait, special take off in the plane, descend when communication is busy, interference is bigger, will endanger flight security directly, after boarding the plane when you so, answer to shut your mobile phone self-consciously, such ability assure the safety of the normal flight of the plane and everybody.