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How to just calculate appropriate flight?
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Ceng Jian crosses a few passengers, because impatient wait consign baggage, or the anxiety that concern consigns a Li Youwei to break, like an all baggage oneself take a plane. If be me, it is certainly consign what can consign. Portable article has been jumped over lesser, action ability is light freely, why puff and blow of tired bring about the desired sensation, can affect others pass in and out again.

Aboard has a meal, cannot pay attention to besides taste, have dinner time also perhaps. Normally the flight is the relation that coordinates range time and equation of time, the food that can have different time orders a service, some airliner need a favourable turn, midway stops cheer, can many somes of eat is fed, if non-stop flight to is met a few less. So, before I can choose to board the plane, eat first half full. On machine, no matter have how many food, had better be to eat much food less, pick the thing that love has, do not eat completely, between two eat if hungry can want 3 Wen Zhihe drink, fast even familiar face. The yoghurt that airline offers or fruit, eat off as far as possible, can help aid digestion. The beverage on the plane, still mix with water fruit juice had better. Because the air in engine room is dry, human body can lose moisture in great quantities and do not know oneself, want to keep drinking portion of water complement water so. Because soda water and wine can make human body quickens dehydration, had better avoid. Long-distance flight, if do not sleep, time is very provoking.

How is the seat of tourist class comfortable and finite, especially cervical with the foot, without assured source, most painstaking. How can ability make it has the function of berth? Rely on oneself to create. Those who a kind of market goes up to be bought very easily aerate pillow, air is blown when using, cover on neck, make the person feels comfortable immediately. Pillow of this kind of air cushion is a journey necessary, by plane when use, fall asleep quite easily.

The foot wants " dependable " not difficult also, prepare a measurement proper, the portable baggage of easy sodden article is not had inside, appropriative foot is filled up.

Lower the back of the chair, board coat or plane small pillow a place of strategic importance is after the waist. The person that be afraid of light wears blindfold.

Believe you can sleep good become aware. After the course rests adequately, deplane invigorative begin the one activity of the day.