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How to calculate weather variation
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Mountains and rivers-land of heaven and earth, why sufficient legislation, like that dark of fine of harships of yin and yang closes to come in person gigantic, cannot not know, the person of this age is forecasted by right of atmosphere branch more and witting, although be,go to the lavatory, but the person that because a variety of reasons fail to learn in time,also have, besides something unexpected may happen any time, the person has neglectful, once lose service of science and technology, do not have already depend on, do not have common sense of a bit nature again, do not strand sluggish journey.

Farmer wrist does not have country watch, knowable a day of time; The hand of mountain forest does not have information, be apt to measures weather change: This depends on person content notting comply, according to already notted comply he, practice experience makes like that. It is convenient tourist today, collect of the person that choose forefathers to have test especially is one place, offer reference.

1. early morning, before sun end goes out, see Oriental nebula, horse of the head that be like chicken, bibcock, banner, mountain peak, car, star collect, be like a fish, like the snake, like glossy ganoderma, like peony, or violet black energy of life is perforative, or the person that fluctuate in day, advocate there is rain that day, be in more 13 ~ 17 when.

2. night, see lunar color, or green or red, day of primary and secondary has thunderstorm. There is Bai Yun to form round light all round the moon, or the person that be like a wheel greatly (lunar halo) , advocate some day gale. Alleged " solar halo criterion wind of rain, lunar halo criterion, he Fang has be short of, He Fang has wind " . Day " lunar halo and wind, plinth embellish and pluvial " , plinth embellish person, namely suspension column stone is to have drip oozy, advocate om a few days has rain. Combine contemporary case someone to sum up a " fierce heat to give birth to " of wind, Guan Runsheng rain, namely: Suddenly fierce heat counts a day, 9 days have strong wind surely, there is drip above self-invited conduit conduit oozy, after obliterating still oozy person, advocate 9 have rain in a few days.

3. starlight twinkles, sure wind is made. Bai Yun obscures the 2 ~ of the Big Dipper 4 hours. "The ruler of heaven is made change, surface gives birth to indigo " , summer benthic gives birth to liver mosses, water to make indigotic scene, advocate have torrential rain. When water has slimy fishy smell or having sweet smell, advocate water will come. When raining, slimy fishy smell is very thick person, inside day of just a little difficult fine.

At the beginning of 4. lunar the first month of the lunar year 7, first 8, north wind is sure hair. Lunar at the beginning of Feburary 3, clear and bright in March, April Summer Solstice, on June 12 advocate cloudy day or wet.

5. Yun Xiangdong, blow Huang Feng; Yun Xiangna, rain bleachs boat; Yun Xiangxi, water drips; The cloud is northerly, insolation wheat. East wind although advocate rainfall, be in like that yellow plum season, in old dog days, blow fine of day of east wind criterion, autumn day blows north wind often rainfall, dan Qiuye blows north wind criterion advocate weather is sunny.
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