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Field travel notices Lai Mu is ill
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Summer is travel busy season. China prevents the expert of institute of epidemiology of academy of medical sciences to remind people, go out travel, when crossing brushwood or bivouac especially, ten million is careful Lai Mu is ill.

The person animal that Lai Mu disease is a kind of new discovery in all sicken, pathogen is Lai Mu ill helicoid, normally with tick (a few place common of our country say grass climbs child) to transmit agency, wide in person and animal popularity. According to statistic of World Health Organization, lai Mu is ill all over the world the 30 many countries of 5 continent have case of illness to report. This disease is in the United States is to travel to be mixed the most quickly a kind of the commonnest disease, the United States already had 48 cities to Lai Mu disease reports now, especially a few areas of administrative division of division of health Nie surname, come on peak season is average every family has an above member to come on at least.

Institute of epidemiology of Chinese precaution academy of medical sciences is right 20 province, city of our country investigate discovery, our country crowd has Lai Mu disease to affect existence, infection rate is on average 5.33% , 13 provinces, city, municipality has Lai Mu disease to come loose in happen and popular. 6 dishes of the long white hill of our country, day hill, Qi Lianshan, hill, too travel hill and fierce exterminate hill, have land of source of Lai Mu ill epidemic disease. Domestic and international epidemiology investigates discovery, be come on by what there is 1% to control about after tick bite. The number that our country Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia and other places are bitten every year by tick amounts to above of 3 million person, computative new patient has 2 every year, 30 thousand person, the new patient of about 10% turns for chronic, its course of diseases is about 2, 17 years, because the animal is direct outer bound lives, without covering layer, as close as contact of transmission agency tick, the opportunity that is affected is more, and itself of a lot of animals is the host animal of Lai Mu disease, the infection rate of the animal and estimation of incidence of a disease will be so taller. Accordingly, lai Mu disease already became contagion of a kind of new important bug intermediary.

Did the person affect Lai Mu disease to some of what symptom there is? This disease violates human body many organs and system. Inchoate with wandering chronically sexual erythema is a feature, appear at the same time have a fever, much sweat, tired, faint, have a headache, the symptom such as neck rigidity and muscle, bone and articulatory ache; Occurrence joint of later period criterion, heart and neurological wait for damage expression. If be treated not in time,contracted this disease, can make a person permanent deformity. Inchoate diagnose and be being treated is the key that cures Lai Mu disease. Because this disease just was named formally 1984, a lot of patients of reason our country even the medical worker is not familiar still, want to raise vigilance, lest by accident examine and leakage examine.
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