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Privilege of student self-help travel talks
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Train half fare

This can be old law of a be economical. Generally speaking, the price of student half-price ticket is to lie forcedly 1/4 of full price. If we make a round trip,not be to lie forcedly, can save the cost with next considerable brushstroke. Travelling expenses is in the proportion in whole and itinerary expenditure is the biggest generally speaking, if be on travelling expenses managing come down, the cost of whole trip also will be reduced greatly. But railway ministry door has stricter regulation about student ballot question, must be him house dwelling place the passenger transport to school seat paragraph, and be on student's identification card make clear ground setting out and destination, ability can buy student ticket inside this interval.

Tourist attraction half-price ticket

Can not look down upon the good of student's identification card really. Yourself's student's identification card must be carried in journey process, because occupy author experience, famous tourist attraction and very formal tourist attraction set the majority student privilege. For example the famous tourist attraction such as tomb figure of military forces of emperor of Mo Gao hole, Qin Shi, the remotest corners of the earth, it is by student half price favourable, can save commonly come down at least ten yuan of money. Student privilege often is 5 fold 6 fold the left and right sides, place is managing the fee accumulative total that come down rises to us can be not small amount!

So the proposal is in before setting out, must retain oneself student's identification card on the belt.

Note: Must not accept student's identification card in the hostel that stays in, be equal to leucorrhoea in that way