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How does summer travel keep beautiful
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Midsummer is the season of travel, encounter to admire possibly, what dress up oneself the United States is beautifully is the bounden duty of you beautiful girl, but want to present a piece of perfect face, cake of powdery bottom, pink, sweet pink, eyebrow pencil, eyelash creams, eye shadow, lipstick, all cannot little. This is tired, because bottle container canister has become baggage heavy, it is the injury shows head really. Actually, face, eye, lip should is only when going vacationing 3 place prepare powdery makeup, eyelash creams with labial colour 3 shape color makeup article, can differ according to all sorts of circumstance commutation makeup look.

Do not need to draw too strong base when travel makeup, want to let oneself have good look, choose the color that can decorate facial ministry color of skin makeup article, will decorate skin flaw with them, make skin bright, had done prevent bask in the job with segregation. So, you can choose collection defect of bottom makeup, block and calm makeup 3 functions the pink at an organic whole makeup, good background can make up inside the shortest time; This kind of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch still had better have prevent bask in, the function that keeps apart ultraviolet ray. Additional, if you go, is intertropical area, had better choose the recipe of Oil Free, can make bottom makeup more relaxed, abiding do not take off makeup. The facial features of Oriental relatively not stereo, eyelash is shorter also, be apt to creams with eyelash will grow eyelash, can let facial features become more beautiful colourful outstanding. In the meantime, can cream eyelash had brushed brow gently, natural and stereo eyebrow appear immediately.

Labial variety can say is the most powerful good assistant when the journey, besides can add double lip luster, still can become cheek is red use with eye shadow. Generally speaking, when going vacationing, need to use light lip variety only, make double lip sexier can. If want to have healthy ruddy look, can laughing dot of colour of right amount lip flesh above, to all around push divide evenly, can paint the malic face of beautiful beauty. The hard to avoid when the journey can attend formal circumstance, if arrive advanced dining-room have dinner or look to the nightclub beautiful, need right now with formal colour makeup tie-in dress, after wanting to making up good background only, become labial prize eye shadow is used, according to individual be fond of, labial colour besmear is after eyelid, point to with the hand dizzy catch Yu Shuang eyelid to be in, or it is the lip colour besmears full whole eyelid can. After forgetting to painting good look picture, brush on eyelash creams, make the eyes more mysterious and inviting.

Have the Singapore of romantic and intertropical amorous feelings and Malaysia, because be apart from close, charge low, get the favour of a lot of beautiful girls. But the tepid weather of these intertropical areas lets colour makeup easily fall off, generation sticks unwell of be bored with to perplex. Cool and refreshing if the simple sense of water reachs lasting makeup effect,be summer the optimal choice of colour makeup. The eye that if labial colour makes your distrust,comes out makeup the effect, might as well carry the water condensation that contains cool and refreshing and moist hydrous recipe, moist and palpebral, for eye ministry colour makeup makes moving glorious.
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