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When does student self-help swim experience
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Feed: Eat more fastfood

Backer has mountain, rely on water draft, we walk along to be about where to eat. Of a place fastfood be local characteristic reflect, also represented local culture, it is hot sweet still, it is delicate full-bodied still, also can reflect a few nature that give local occasionally, after we had visited a place, always should not understand? Still have the sort of take culture and aura peculiarly, you can be not experienced? Plus fastfood price not expensive, so, the proposal eats more fastfood. Note: If this body is qualitative weaker or natural environment refuses to obey, do not want a puff oneself up to one's own cost, can cause the body otherwise unwell, the influence travels.

Live: Sit more night train

The time that sleeps in the evening as far as possible in journey and the time tie that build a car are together, namely: Take night train as far as possible, can save time on one hand, can save money on the other hand, visit most place with the shortest time and least money. Do not worry to sleep to be not worn on board, to moment you can make a part of speech naturally. For efficiency, the proposal sits more night train. Note: When the condition on body sense not when beautiful perhaps feels very fatigue, must adjust in time come back, even if whats the daylong time on the flower rests and do not work also is worthiness. After all, "The capital that the body is revolution " .

The garment: Be absent in essence of life much

Go out journey perhaps the dress should be the mainest baggage component, for journey relaxed, can need not wrap packet to be being taken greatly rush about, should nod different climate differently to reduce impediment as far as possible according to different season. Especially girl must not because hate to part with all oneself beautiful beautiful dress take away. The feeling that ^_^ believes to a knapsack takes the world can be compared certainly " left hand is wrapped, the right hand is wrapped " had felt much. So, about clothings respect, the proposal is absent in essence of life much. Note: Best belt last time sexual briefs and raincoat, former journey is used relatively convenient, latter can resist a few uncertain harships, also be mountain-climbing is necessary.

All right: Gather information extensively

Self-help travels most abstain from one of take injustice route namely, waste time to waste money again already. And in a new environment, should be known and new friend is communicated, understand the situation with each useful respect. The person that remembers wanting to never be the same as an industry gathers information, because cannot eliminate a few information,be false possibility, inspect at this o'clock even of local folkway differ and decide. Should gather information extensively, undertake an analysis, make a science again, the optimal course that suits oneself and plan. There is one open one's mouth below nose, taking it, where to walk along to not be afraid of, so,
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