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When the travel outside going out, buy the product that has local distinguishing feature and souvenir to leave souvenir or gift close friends, it is the general psychology of tourist. How is ability bought in journey already substantial significant article, this also is a knowledge.
Travel souvenir has the travel merchandise of meaning of local characteristic, rich souvenir namely. Its function and properties are artistic now value, collect the respect such as value, economic value and gift value. Its art value is the basiccest, the most important special animal sacrifice, it makes commodity is had view and admire gender and collect a gender. Good travel souvenir should be the culture historic site that selects in order to travel, natural scene or festal assembly are subject matter, reflect the souvenir of local conventional technology and style.
Travel handicraft uses as namely all art handicraft that travel shops. It is the component of treasure of art of Chinese traditional culture. Travel handicraft includes special type handicraft, folk handicraft, archaize handicraft and contemporary handicraft. Wait like household utensils of crystal and jade parts of an apparatus, cloisonne enamel, advanced lacquer, crockery, china.
Journey food is the food that tourist offers him to enjoy in journey and buys, and all sorts of characteristic food that present relatives and friends as gift and buy. Use as technically the travel food of ceremony category, its feature is to have full-bodied distinguishing feature normally gust, long history, wonderful literary quotation or beautiful fokelore and certain famous degree. Additional, of food make, pack, the requirement that modelling respect also should fit to travel.
Want to possess certain skill when shop, commodity of characteristic of place of choose and buy should serve as with local characteristic above all accept or reject, have commemorative sense not only, and authentic, have price advantage, be worth tourist to buy. The hada of the ethical dress of the coco that is like Hainan, Yunnan, Tibet, commemoration day takes after buying or send close friends, saying to go up is an amusement.
It is next with small-sized and light for first selection, have some of characteristic merchandise, volume is huge, carry very no-go, unfavorable buy. The person is in journey, make a sightseeing tour, take car boat not relaxed, baggage has been jumped over lesser. Some article are likely still and brittle, meet not carefully a bit midway falls bad, because this need not be this beautiful injustice money.
Anxious to get things on the cheap of avoid by all means is in certain beauty spot, often have it is thus clear that hawk fake of commodity, can want price of be able to bear or endure like and so on of pearl, necklace, tea, tourist cheap with peddling temptation. Sometimes flatter oneself collected petty gain, after coming back, differentiate through, breathe out greatly the person that be duped also is absent a few.
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