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The journey that join a group is prevented cheat 24 action
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  of the 1st action sees travel agent aptitude. Travel agent cent is different type. International company or domestic company, mark understands the range that manage. If be to leave the country,travel, must notice whether travel agent has leave the country swim right of administration. Current, the Chinese citizen that the country approves leaves the country travel destination has: Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, Korea, Australia, New Zealand. The country approves have leave the country the main travel agent of travel management qualification has: Chinese travel agent is total company, medium travel agent of Kang Hui international of black force Inc. , China and they are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Hubei, Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang the branch of and other places.

  of the 2nd action sees background of travel agent industry, namely travel agent place belongs to a company is with managing tourism is given priority to, or advocate battalion other project, travel is only new freshness domain. Be compared and character, latter qualifications and record of service is shallow, devoted energy is not much, inferior to prepare a bit on apparent actual strength.

  of the 3rd action sees the ad of travel agent. This action is the easiest the most effective also. Advertisement formed the substantial that travel agent credit spends, OK and affirmative ground says, a travel agent that does not advertise does not have very good actual strength. On the media that should observe advertisement appears in what grade carefully and appearing frequency, length, position or period of time. These reflected the credit of travel agent and actual strength from a flank.

  of the 4th action sees the temperament that promotes a person. The stuff that observes travel agent markets a product is well-trained, intelligent and capable, can push to the case of travel agent know just a little.

  of the 5th action views the acceptance that promotes a person. All viatic products that market a person to be able to say his how outstanding. But once by doubt, come from not standard travel agent promote a person to often say " we are friends, I still can cheat you " or be " I assure a fault not " and so on, sound warm but actual what assures with the individual name that does not have. And the promote person of regular corporation can prove with the outstanding achievement before him travel agent, say for example " we at × year × month organization has recieved × kind big group " etc. Invite factual conversation, listening to let a person be at ease.

  of the 6th action sees travel agent publicize material. Presswork elegant, content full and accurate propagandist book or the main show that the product explains is viatic product quality, and a few pieces of simple documents that print let a person very hard miss what there can be good quality on the implementation of viatic product to assure.
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